Less is more!

Less clutter means more time for …
… what carpenters and joiners like to do best!

Do you also get annoyed when the calculated times are not met and an order slips into the red? Disruptions, missing material, unplanned work processes or incomplete information are often responsible for this!

Do you know what it’s like: You keep wasting valuable time searching for leftover material, for transportation processes and for retooling machines? Sometimes, however, the structures and rules for orderly storage and defined standard processes are simply missing! That’s why I work with the guiding principle:

Less is more!

Because, less clutter …
+ … is more time for effective and transparent processes,
+ … is more time for value creation, sales and profits,
+ … is more time for strategic planning and organization,
+ … is more time for a safe and clean workshop!

…and what would you like to have more time for? Where are your personal “time wasters”?

Find out – let’s talk about it!

Less is more!
Less chaos means more time for ...
... effective and transparent processes!

Consulting approach

Complexity and chaos are often indistinguishable at first glance. That’s why I like to take a closer look, because sometimes you can see something from the outside that you can’t see from the inside: people and employees, machines and equipment, structures and organizations, workflows and processes, workplaces and work systems.

My consulting approach then optimizes the organizational and operational processes on several levels – depending on where the need is greatest:
+ People
+ Machines
+ Organization
+ Work processes
+ Work systems

I use these five aspects to analyze the causes of everyday confusion, develop solutions, implement them together with my clients and their employees, check their success and, if necessary, correct the measures taken.

Request a non-binding sample offer for modules 1 to 5 at info@rainerkemner.de! After the initial analysis (Module 1), I will work with you to determine the specific procedure, which may, however, differ from the procedure suggested in the sample offer – because every company is individual!

Module 1

"5x5 check" for quick initial analysis and identification of bottlenecks

Module 2

"Start" to record the current status

Module 3

"Workshop" with affected employees to analyze processes, uncover causes of disorder and waste, collect suggestions for improvement and define specific tasks

Module 4

"Go" for implementation support of the agreed measures

Module 5

"Go" and "Workshop" as required or "Start" for a new area

Less is more!
Less clutter means more time for ...
... added value, sales and profits!


The focus of my activities and services is on people – people as entrepreneurs, managers or employees. After all, they are people who have to master new challenges in their business and professional lives every day:

Confusion, chaos, crises and complexity, customers, orders, rationalization, optimization, replacement and new investments, digitalization, industry and trade 4.0 – this is what I have been advising, teaching, writing and working on for more than 30 years!

For small and medium-sized woodworking and wood processing companies, I use my five-step consulting approach large and small challenges.

For master craftsman and technician students I teach, among other things Business organization, business planning, project and quality management.

For readers of the trade journals I write about current topics that have become important to me, and for visitors to my homepage I develop new downloads, most of which have been created as an aid during a consultation.


With my international projects flexibility, improvisation, acceptance, tolerance and respect for foreign cultures and lifestyles as well as respectful interaction with colleagues from the partner countries are essential.
in demand.

Less is more!
Less clutter means more time for ...
... other topics and people that are important to you!


My consultations increasingly require the assumption of project management tasks because company owners and employed managers no longer have the time reserves to carry out larger operational planning tasks, efficiency and optimization projects, the acquisition of complicated machines or the introduction of a continuous improvement process, for example, in addition to their day-to-day business.

The development of requirement and functional specifications, the preparation of decisions on the selection of new systems, the moderation of employee workshops through to the monitoring of deadlines, schedules and milestones are my typical services for advancing my clients’ projects and topics.

With the “5×5 check”, you assess five areas in your company yourself:




Work processes

Work systems

Associations and chambers also commission me with smaller and larger project-like activities, such as the preparation and implementation of specialist conferences, consultations, publications or guideline work.

Less is more!
Less clutter means more time for ...
... global thinking and local action!


As part of international cooperation, I have been active as a so-called short-term expert since 2021 and can thus build on my early professional experience in South-East Asia and North Africa. The last projects in East Africa were concerned with wood drying, veneer and plywood, beeswax and setting up joineries. The focus was on building knowledge, skills, commitment, structures, systems and leadership qualities (“capacity development”). This combines my previous experience from the German context with the tasks involved in international cooperation.

My clients for the first projects were the GIZ – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit, the BMZ – Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, which is behind it, as well as specialized consulting companies. I work under the joint brand “Partners in Transformation” and advocate socio-ecological change – both in Germany and in the “Global South”!

SDG_Poster_DE_No UN Emblem-WEB - Reihe 1
SDG_Poster_DE_No UN Emblem-WEB - Reihe 2

“Just Transition” – a socially and ecologically just transformation – is based on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations and I directly or indirectly promote the goals of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development through my consulting work for my German and international clients.

Less is more!
Less clutter means more time for ...
... knowledge, understanding and overview!


In the course of my consultancy work, I have developed a range of topics, training courses, workshops and seminars which I offer as a trainer to other educational institutions, chambers and associations directly, as interactive in-house training courses or – if there are sufficient participants – as half-day and full-day seminars. I use the seminar and workshop rooms of the Hafven in Hanover or another suitable location close to my customers. The form and content are individually tailored to the needs of the target group (entrepreneurs, work preparation, workshop employees, fitters).

Project management and project management methods in carpentry and joinery

Workshop planning, furnishing and

Operational organization, structural and process organization

Quality management
and factory production control

Norms, rules and standards for the carpentry and joinery trade

Energy efficiency, energy saving and subsidy programs

Work design, workplace equipment, ergonomics, occupational health and safety

Timber drying, air drying, kiln drying, moisture content, and usage of moisture meters

To customize the content, form, time and scope to your needs and target group, please contact me: info@rainerkemner.de!

Less is more!
Less clutter means more time for ...
... strategic planning and organization!

Rainer Kemner

When I founded my small engineering firm in 2019, I chose the motto “Less is more…” as my headline because it is relevant both in a business context and in the social discussion about climate protection, sustainability and sufficiency, and not least for my personal lifestyle.

I trained as a carpenter, my father and grandfather were also carpenters and everyone who lives from wood has internalized the idea of sustainability of the Saxon chief mining administrator Hans Carl von Carlowitz (1645 to 1714). Wood processing has been operating within local material cycles for centuries and, in view of finite resources, climate change and a second forest dieback in Germany, these principles are gaining a whole new relevance.

In the defiant tradition of Martin Luther, I am therefore planting my little apple tree – with the hope that, if many people do it, a whole forest will grow from it! That is why I am a member of the German Forest Protection Association and M.A.R.S., regularly support World Vision and the FMNR reforestation method of Tony Rinaudo (Australian winner of the Alternative Nobel Prize 2018) and stand behind the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

Less is more!
Less chaos means more time for ...
... productive and efficient work processes!


5x5 check

5×5 check,
for quick initial analysis and identification of bottlenecks – to fill in yourself…

Sample offer

Sample offer for consulting modules 1 to 5,
which will be customized for you.

Schools and educational institutions, where I work

+ Handwerkskammer Hannover
(Master carpenter)
+ Handwerkskammer Osnabrück-Emsland-Grafschaft Bentheim
(Master carpenter)
+ Berufsakademie Melle
(Bachelor’s degree courses in Wood/Furniture Technology and Windows/Facade)


Striehlstrasse 4
D-30159 Hanover

+49 511 26037082
+49 1512 8820687

If you can’t find me in my office, then maybe just around the corner in my new “workshop” – namely in Hanover’s “Hafven“.